Jackson Gear Co.
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Glenshaw PA 15116
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Jackson Gear's on-site team of engineers, project specialists, and technical support personnel can offer pre- and post-sale assistance to build solutions for your specific application. Our services include:

CNC Hobbing & Shaping

CNC Mitsubishi GD 20 &30

Mitsubishi SC40 Shaper

Engineering Services

From gear rating assistance to comprehensive CAD and CAM programs, for engineering new or modifying existing products.


CNC Cylindrical,Tooth Grinding, Internal, Surface and Thread Grinding

Heat Treating

Carburizing, Flame Hardening, Induction Hardening


Shot Peen, Plating

Inspection and Testing

Lead and Profile Charts, Mag Particle, Hardness

Additional Services

EDM, Spray Weld, Laser Weld, Reverse Engineering, CAD Drawings, Load Analysis.

Gear Box Repair and Analysis

Faro CMM machine
Precision inspection with a Faro Portable CMM and a Tesa Micro-Hite machine
AGMA class
Lead & profile testing equipment shows the AGMA class quality of spurs and helicals